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Thank you Mr. Jobs

There is an outpouring of articles, emails, blog posts, tweets and the likes thereof, all in some way or another paying respects to the late Steve Jobs. What he has given us is nothing short of genius. I, however, want to thank him for more than the MacBook Pro I work on, the iPod I […]

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What ever happened…

… to the time when we were told we could do or be anything we wanted to? It seems that as you grow older, those words of encouragement become more of an empty catchphrase than a belief. We’re told to be, think and act differently and then when we do, we’re seemingly swimming against the […]

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I’m back.

After a long hiatus due to traveling and working, I’m back and will dedicate myself to blogging. Got some cool projects in the works and I’m going to start dropping my daily rants here too. Not really rants, but just my thoughts on things that I ponder often. All positive and good. See you soon.

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A young Matty O?

Thom Yorke does his best impression of me in his latest video for Lotus Flower.

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If you’re like me, you’ll need this.

Working with so many passwords for banking, client emails, FTP sites, memberships, etc, I have an overload of usernames and passwords in my life. I actually manage to somehow remember most, but the odd time I forget. I recently signed up for LastPass and it’s awesome. Essentially a secure password vault for all your goodies. […]

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This is priceless.

My good buddy Teddy sent me a link to this vid and it’s priceless. If you like this, peep some of his other vids. Dom Mazzetti vs. Hipsters is pretty money as well.

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Latest Works: Beaver Wax & Sean Avery

Long overdue is the launch of my own portfolio site for my design alias, The Infamous Design, which will eventually be unveiled in 2011. I can’t put a time frame on it, as it seems as soon as I get working on it another job comes up and that’s something I shouldn’t complain about. Until […]

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Uncle Grape Tooth

After a stressful couple of weeks Junior and I boarded the overnight bus and hit Mendoza, Argentina for a little R&R. Mendoza is basically wine country down here in Argentina and is situated just east of the border of Chile. Day 1: Massages at the Villagio Hotel Boutique (a place I highly recommend) followed by […]

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Dancing and Hookers and Broken iPhones, Oh my!

So many of my peoples got a little email update on the events that took place last evening, leaving me with a broken iPhone this morning. I thought I’d re-post the little event here. Here’s the quick and dirty: Went out last night with some peoples and got my dance on in a grimy hip-hop […]

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